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Pazzles and the Cricut....
For those of you who do not know the truth about the Pazzled machines and Provo Craft, here is the info where you can get it from the Pazzles company. Pazzles helped PC design the Cricut, which is why the mats, blades and housing for blades are so similar. Once the machine was complete, Pazzles severed relations and decided to not work with the PC company.PC DID NOT design the pazzles,  You now have the correct info right here
from PAZZLES (scroll down, the misspellings are theirs) "I do apologize but we do not have anything to do with the circut any longer the owners of our company did help develop and design the circuit but since the release of our cutter we no longer support the circuit you would need to go through provocraft directly.

Thanks Lisa Dennis...

Pazzles Customer Serivce
866-729-9537 Ext 19

866-729-9537 x 100
and just so you can read about it....  HERE
 SIzix and Prvov Craft ......... Provo Craft does not own or have any claim to anything from Sizzix or Ellisonin fact Ellison has sued PC for the exact same thing that PC is intent on doing to SCAL, MTC and now the bug magazine.
HERE         HERE          HERE    So please read all about it. And this page, second bullet on page
And finally here is a company who gave PC a taste of their own medicine...HERE
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