Friday, April 22, 2011

Blog Hop info

Hello everyone....I am very happy to see so many are dedicated to the boycott and continue to boycott and educate the public. We are a passionate bunch...
 I think the best date for the hop is going to be May 14th and 15th....
Right now there are 29 of us, who will have our blogs in the hop. I know you all understand how these work, but it is very important to involve even the followers of our own blogs. Get them involved and following along.
So what I was thinking was......For each person with a blog to show case a project made with their machine, a project each day. Along with a plug for a different cutter.I have emailed most of the different svg stores telling them of what we are planning, and some have even donated files for us to make things with, as well as gift certificates. So each blog will have a file from a different store, and will show case a different machine, as well as have links to those stores and cutters., we are also going to have links to the face book page and the blogfrog community. Some will even have their own give away's and little extras, it is totally up to you if you choose to do an additional give away.We are also gonna have to start advertising the blog hop and wearing the badges on our blogs, in our sigi lines, where ever we can to get the word out. I know you all know this, and will go above and beyond. Once I get the files that are being given to us to use I will post them and you can all request one to use. I am not sure of the line up yet, but hope to have that soon. If anyone wishes to donate a file as a give away or to use for that day let me know so I can put it in the post. And if anyone has any other ideas to make this even bigger and better let me know.  As for the projects, I would like to see a variety, cards, layouts, paper piecings, 3-D art, altered arts, mixed media, ATC's, I think the bigger the variety of projects the more appealing. So once the files are posted you can choose one of them and then tell me what type of project so we do not get an over abundance of one type of project. And as I said, those of you who make svg's and want us to use them for the day send them to me and I will post them as well. I also am thinking we should have our own facebook page, and make it private, that way we can share ideas and get this the exposure it deserves. So let me know what you all think. There is always room for improvement..
So If anyone wants to make a few different badges for the blog be my guest. Have a great Easter everyone..
Hugs, Ronnie
In order to set up the face book group I need you all to leave a comment here with the name you go by on facebook, as I can not find a lot of your name and what your name on face book is pleas..thanks .Some of the svg sites have donated select files for us to use. I am thinking if we can use as many files from the makers of the files, as we have quite a list not only can we help them out and drive traffic to them, but to let people know just how many places there really are to get files. Lisa, from precious piecings has donated 4 files to use, thank you Lisa, SVG cuts is donating a few files plus a gift certificate... Will keep working on that.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

National Squash the BUG Blog Hop

So everyone likes a blog hop, everyone likes to win prizes and spread the word when it comes to paper crafting.. So the idea behind this is to have a BIG BIG blog hop...I have a few places who will sponsor us and give prizes. Although there is much to word to do yet..
But this is how I thought it could possibly run...
We would make this the home page with all the prizes, and info on the blog hop. Having everyone leave a message here. We will then break off into smaller groups, and each of you have blogs and would like to be a leader and get people to play along...You can give away files, digi stamps, whatever you like in addition to the main give aways...
So this would be first...then people would have the opportunity to follow one of the other leads, or if you want to and have time check in on all of them.  We can have MTC and SCAL users involved. Featuring projects on each blog that are made with either program... If we can get enough people and hits this blog that is linked to facebook, the blogfrog community, and twitter, we could put this blog and our cause on the top 50 rankings. That way when people check in, they will see us and all of our information and we can help to educate even more people. And gain some more followers...
So if you are interested in participating in the blog hop, please leave a comment on this post..So we can get it organized, and if anyone wants to help with the organization leave that in your comment as well...
First we need to pick a date, and have someone make us a blinkie or badge so we can all sport the same one on our blogs.
So sign up By 8am  Monday April 18th.....Also choose a weekend from the list that would best work for you, we have 3 possible weekends, so please choose first choice and so on. If anyone wants to donate anything for giveaways and prizes please let me know that as well.
The weekend choices are
april 30th and May 1st
May 14th and may 15th
I don't really think we want to wait any longer than May 15th, as this is fresh in our minds and we want to stay current with this....
Also if anyone would like to donate anything also let me know. So help spread the word, and make this a successful blog hop.
Have a great week

Monday, April 11, 2011

Changes are in...

Good morning crafty ones...You have seen/heard by now that we have come up with a way for you all to share your love of paper crafting, your passions and things you believe in, and the opportunity to educate others. The blog will stay as a main focus, with updates, and news releases. As well as organized blog hops. But over on the blog frog, is where you can share your projects, your files, your passions for crafting, and the opportunity to reach another group of crafters who may or may not know about us or the dealings of Provo Craft, so become members, post away and lets get more people to join us in the PC free march against Provo Craft.. The blog frog is directly connected to the facebook page, this blog and twitter, so we believe we have many areas covered, now to just the word.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Here is the latest and greatest Provo Craft Official statement..which is a load of well you know....
When are they going to realize we are not stupid....The facebook comments are amazing as usual, don't forget to read them and your opinion...HERE
Have a great night....
Craft happy!

Breaking News

BREAKING NEWS! The bug as once again bit the hand that feeds it! It is reported that about 5 yrs ago a little bug infested craftrooms around the world. At first it was a harmless little pet. Crafters everywhere fell in love with it. Blogs were filled with "tricks" this little bug could do. But then BAM! WHAM! BANG.. This little... bug began to spread its poison. Crafters, if you have allowed this but into your crafting space... get your spray, quick, clear your blogs, websites, craftrooms of this poisonous bug, before you get attached with it's hidden poison. It first came as a small little baby bug, then came the one that promised to help you create, then came the big one.... it hooked you in by its big expression!. If you see it - squash it!See More
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We are on twitter...Boycott PC. Add your own comments and stories, and help spread the word.

Companies and Product reviews of PC

We know Sizzix is not affiliated with Provo Craft, it was question some of the late comers were asking and concerned about.That's ALL!

Here is a post on the facebook page regarding all of PC's product's
This is a very comprehensive, if not total, list of all PC products... Boycott them ALL!

From the Provo Craft site, from the agreement with the user and PC is a partial list of some of the brand names owned by PC... More prodcts in the next paragraph below: CRICUT MACHINES AND ALL CARTS MATS AND ACCESSORIES, Sizzix, Coluzzle, Art Accentz, Ectetera, PC Tools, Zision, Qwikit, Jemz, Stand-outs, Scrap Pads, Changlz, Bradletz, Silent Setter, Chizzel-it, Bits & Pieces ... Link to the agreement is here:

On their products pages other items are found: YUDU; Gypsy; Your Story and Your Story Photo; Cuttle Kids and Cuttlebug and their dies and folders to emboss; Knifty Knitter Looms, booklets and accessories; Sew Say it Needle Punch and accessories such as the bobbin winder, embroidery stretch item, and tool kit. Also adhesives of Terrifically Tacky Tape and masking tape with designs. All these products can be seen at this link:

Soon their online 'craft room' advertised as their new software, iis also coming ... any thing you post or design will be comploeted on their site as it is said you will need their online resources to do that, these items you make will belong to THEM as their propertly per the on site agreement here and you will not be able to sell or use YOUR designs commercially:


Friday, April 8, 2011

Welcome to Boycott PC....

 We are so happy that you all have found us and decided to join in. So please contribute any thing you would like to. Also a thank you to the creator of the facebook page Boycott PC, you did an amazing thing for us all
This in no way is to take the place of the facebook page. The creator of that page has done an amazing job. Here you will find all the facts on machines, and addresses for all the places and people we need to contact to make a difference and continue to support the PC Boycott. A place to share tips and tricks, and even svg's if you so choose. But mostly to have the information all in one location for everyone to see.
We are also going to be sharing projects and SVG files here. And many other things.
Have a crafty day.....