Monday, April 11, 2011

Changes are in...

Good morning crafty ones...You have seen/heard by now that we have come up with a way for you all to share your love of paper crafting, your passions and things you believe in, and the opportunity to educate others. The blog will stay as a main focus, with updates, and news releases. As well as organized blog hops. But over on the blog frog, is where you can share your projects, your files, your passions for crafting, and the opportunity to reach another group of crafters who may or may not know about us or the dealings of Provo Craft, so become members, post away and lets get more people to join us in the PC free march against Provo Craft.. The blog frog is directly connected to the facebook page, this blog and twitter, so we believe we have many areas covered, now to just the word.

1 comment:

  1. Ronnie, THANK YOU for taking care of this for us!! I think the BlogFrog is kinda neat! Just joined it and will upload my latest PC craft!