Saturday, April 9, 2011

Companies and Product reviews of PC

We know Sizzix is not affiliated with Provo Craft, it was question some of the late comers were asking and concerned about.That's ALL!

Here is a post on the facebook page regarding all of PC's product's
This is a very comprehensive, if not total, list of all PC products... Boycott them ALL!

From the Provo Craft site, from the agreement with the user and PC is a partial list of some of the brand names owned by PC... More prodcts in the next paragraph below: CRICUT MACHINES AND ALL CARTS MATS AND ACCESSORIES, Sizzix, Coluzzle, Art Accentz, Ectetera, PC Tools, Zision, Qwikit, Jemz, Stand-outs, Scrap Pads, Changlz, Bradletz, Silent Setter, Chizzel-it, Bits & Pieces ... Link to the agreement is here:

On their products pages other items are found: YUDU; Gypsy; Your Story and Your Story Photo; Cuttle Kids and Cuttlebug and their dies and folders to emboss; Knifty Knitter Looms, booklets and accessories; Sew Say it Needle Punch and accessories such as the bobbin winder, embroidery stretch item, and tool kit. Also adhesives of Terrifically Tacky Tape and masking tape with designs. All these products can be seen at this link:

Soon their online 'craft room' advertised as their new software, iis also coming ... any thing you post or design will be comploeted on their site as it is said you will need their online resources to do that, these items you make will belong to THEM as their propertly per the on site agreement here and you will not be able to sell or use YOUR designs commercially:



  1. Provo Craft doesn't have ANYTHING to do with Sizzix. They are claiming trademark and copyright rights but they in fact don't hold either in regards to Sizzix and Ellison (who does hold those rights) have contacted Provo Craft about removing that info from their site. Provo Craft only removed it from one page, it seems and not this other page.

    Sizzix is NOT affiliated with Provo Craft in ANY way and so therefore does not need to be boycotted. :-)

  2. Yes, we know that. WE ARE NOT BOYCOTTING SIZZIX!!! It was a question that some did know the answer to.Thats all...

  3. Terifically tacky tape is theirs? Guess I'll look for another product like it...any suggestions?

  4. thank you Carmen, I didnt know that either...i will be looking as well...

  5. @Carmen - Scor Tape is an amazing product. I think it holds as well as terrifically tacky tape but you are able to tear it instead of needing to cut it.

  6. It is unfortunate that Sizzix is listed on the PC agreement or the document quoted on the PC site as a PC product. What is Sizzix doing to have their name removed? It's not healthy for their name to stay oup there, and PC needs to remove it for them now! Anybody know?